Configuring Global Promotional Banner


You may need to create or modify a promotional banner that will be displayed at the very top of your  website.



You need to have ROLE_PRODUCTION added to your account to perform the steps below:

  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Site Management > Page Elements.

  2. Locate the promoBanner section and click Edit


  3. Enter the banner code in HTML format to the TextContent field.
    • If you want to add plain text, you can use the following tag:
      <span class="banner-text"> Promotional Banner Text</span>
    • If you want to add a text with a link to a section of the website, use the following code:
      <span class="banner-text"><a href="URL of the required webpage">Promotional Banner Text</a></span>
    • If you want to temporary disable the banner, which will be used later, you can disable it by placing it inside the following tag (without completely deleting the banner code):
      <!- - banner code - - > 
      For example:
      <!- - <span class="banner-text"> Promotional Banner Text</span> - - > 


  4. Click Save.


Wait for 10-20 minutes for the changes to take effect and open your website to confirm that the banner is properly displayed at the top of the page.



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