Adding Products in Bulk to ASN


You may need to add large number of items into an ASN in bulk to avoid adding products one by one manually.


  1. Export products that you want to add to an ASN.
  2. Download the template and add the following information for the required products - you can copy the data from the file exported in step 1:
    • Product ID
    • SKU
    • Title
    • Attribute type and value
    • Quantity
    • Barcode
      Note: Make sure to have less than 300 products added to a single ASN. If you need to upload a larger number of items, split it into several ASNs.
  3. From Symphony manage, navigate to Fulfillment > Receiving (ASN).
  4. Click Create a New Shipment.
  5. Click Upload.


  6. Select the file with the product information created in step 2 and click Open.
    The items from the file are displayed on the page.

  7. Specify the following settings for the ASN:
    • Select the required warehouse.
    • Select a carrier.
    • Enter the tracking number.
    • Enter PO number.
    • Specify the expected arrival date.
    • Enter additional notes if needed.


  8. Click Send To Warehouse.
  9. Click OK.





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