Return Status and Tracking


This article gives a detailed explanation of Return status and Tracking.



Return Statuses

There are two sources that the Symphony uses to get return status information.

The first source is from a service called EasyPost where we receive updates from the shipping provider on the status of the shipment. With those shipping statuses we let the customer know:

  • Return On The Way
  • Return Received

The other source is from the Symphony Manage system where we receive and post status information in regards to the items being processed in the warehouse and ultimately refunded by a user in Manage:

  • Return Processed
  • Refund Issued


If we receive an error status (e.g., damaged or stolen) from EasyPost or the status of Refund Rejected from Manage, then we display:

  • Issue With Return 




Return Status Diagram



Track Return

Just as a customer can track their order on your website, they can now track a return once it has been initiated. Clicking on this link will open up a window containing Narvar tracking information.


Key Considerations

  • It is possible to only track the labels generated in Manage and on your site, which means no tracking for pre-packaged return labels yet. 
  • Issuing an Order Refund in Order Details page in Manage will not update the status (coming soon).







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