Approving & Managing Wholesale Customers


The Wholesale Application 

Wholesale Applications manage the process of customers becoming approved wholesale buyers of your product. Typically, this status means they can purchase products at a lower price than retailers.

Potential wholesale customers can apply by filling out a form on your website. Their information is processed by our system and appears in the Wholesale section of Manage. If you require more information about an applicant, email or call them directly with the information provided. 


Approving Wholesalers


An applicant will appear on your list and stay there until you approve or decline the application. Once you approve or decline and Applicant, our system will automatically send an email notifying them of their change in status.

  1. Navigate to Wholesale > Applications.
  2. Open the required customer application.
  3. Select the required wholesale Purchasing Channel for the account.
  4. Click Save & Approve.


Removing Wholesale Customers

Retail vs. Wholesale refers to the price at which a User pays. To change the price a User sees, change a Wholesale User to a Retail User. They can still purchase from you, but not at special wholesale prices.

  1. Search for the User by User Number, Email Address or Name.
  2. Click on the User to access their account.
  3. Click the Edit button in the upper right-hand portion of the page.
  4. Change Wholesale to Retail and click Save in the upper right-hand portion of the page.



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