Adding Items to a Shipment


You can add items to your shipment by uploading a Shipment File. The ShipmentFile is a CSV file (Comma-Separated Values file). If your Shipment file is in Excel format, please save it as a CSV before you upload it. Each row /line in the Shipments file is an SKU that you are shipping in a Shipment. All the orders in a file have to be from the same source /website. It is important that the ColumnName exactly matches the columns name in the attached spreadsheet or the document below. 


Example of a Shipment File

  • Mandatory: Either ProductId or VendorSKUID has to be present.
  • ProductId: This is the Symphony SKU ID for the Product you are shipping.
  • VendorSKUID: This is the SKU ID that you call in your internal systems. For example, for a Red T-Shirt size small, if you call the SKU T214563, then the VendorSKUID has to be this value.
  • Quantity: These are the number of units you are shipping.
  • Title: This is an optional field. This is the name of the product that you are uploading. 



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