3rd Party Orders

The 3rd Party Orders file is a CSV (comma separated variable file). If your orders file is in Excel please save it as a CSV before you import. Each row/line in the Order file is a line item in an order. All the orders in a file have to be from same source/website. It is important that the columnName exactly match the columns name in the attached spreadsheet or in the document below. 

Example of a 3rd Party Order File

Each row has the following mandatory field and following optional fields. 

  • Date: This is the date when the Order was placed. This has to be in the format MM-DD-YYYY. For an Order placed on August 1, 2013 this should be 08-01-2013. 
  • OrderNumber:  This is the Order # on the site the order is placed. This order number has to be unique for that platform. For example if you conducted a sale on Fab this number could be FAB3456784. Since you cannot successfully upload the same order again if you try to upload this order you will get an error.
  • ShipToName: This is the full name of the the receiver of the order. 
  • ShipToAddressLine1: This is the Street Address where the shipment is expected to be delivered. 
  • ShipToAddressLine2:  This is the Street Address where the shipment is expected to be delivered. 
  • ShipToCity: This is the City  where the shipment is expected to be delivered. 
  • ShipToState: This is the State where the shipment is expected to be delivered. 
  • ShipToPostalCode: This is the Zip code where the shipment is expected to be delivered. 
  • ShipToPhone: This is the phone number of the receiver of the shipment.
  • ShipToCountry: This is the country where the shipment is expected to be delivered. 
  • Email: This is the email of the person who placed the order. 
  • ProductCode: This is the Product Code that the platform called the SKU. For instance if you call you Red T-Shirt Size Small SKU to T456839 and you also sell this on Amazon and they call is AMZN7848494. This value is AMZN7848494.
  • UploadIdentifier: This is the identifier in Symphony for the same SKU. This is typically SymphonySKUID. However we do support the ability to create a different value for you to upload orders. 
  • Qty: The units for this unit that is ordered. 
  • MerchandiseTotal: The total price for the product. For instance if The Red T-Shirt Size Small is priced at $15. And in an order a user order 5 of these T-Shirts in an line item. Then MerchandiseTotal will be $75.
  • shippingOption: This is the exact name of Shipping Option that you support on Symphony Site. To see the full name of ShippingOptions that you support please go to the Cart page of your website and see Shipping Options. You can also contact your account manager regarding this. 
  • Carrier: This field is only needed if the Order is already Shipped. This helps us keep track how the line item in the order got shipped. This can be FedEx, USPS, UPS, LTL, Other. 
  • TrackingNumber: This field is only needed if the Order is already Shipped. This is the tracking number of the Shipment for that order. This is used if a customer calls about the order. 
  • Source: This is the source of the order. The website on which order was placed. You can add any platform. Here are few platforms that we work with: Amazon.com, Fab.com, Gilt.com
  • Status: This is the status of the line item you are uploading. This can have two values 'PENDING', 'SHIPPED'. Any other status is not supported. We do not support that for the same order being uploaded the line items have different statuses. 



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