Inventory Pools Overview


This article provides the user with an overview of Inventory Pools.


  • Inventory Pools allow you to manage inventory separately for:
    • Bach purchasing channel (e.g. Retail vs Wholesale).
    • Major retailers with demanding SLAs.
    • Important clients you don’t want to disappoint.
    • Big, seasonal orders that need to stock up over multiple turn cycles.

  • Every brand has two fundamental pools:
    1. Default: Online orders fulfill automatically through this pool on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis.
    2. Unallocated: Orders placed against this pool fulfill manually, so it's a good place to site aside inventory.

  • You can choose which of these pools receives inventory at each Warehouse.

  • The Symphony team can set up any number of custom pools. Provide your strategist with the following for each custom pool:
    • Pool Name.
    • FIFO or Manual fulfillment.
    • Purchasing Channel.
    • How it should be prioritized for receiving inventory.

 Moving Inventory Between Pools

  • The user can move to On Hand inventory between pools at any time. If you operate out of a single warehouse, you can do this from the pools tab.
    1. Find the inventory you want to move.
    2. Click the “Move Inventory” button for that pool.
    3. Enter the number of units you want to move To each of the other pools.
      (You can also select a different From pool using the droplist.)
    4. Click the “Save” button.

  • You see the results immediately.
  • If you operate out of multiple warehouses, you can only move an inventory within a single warehouse. Look for the “Move Inventory” button on the Warehouses tab.




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