Measuring a Site's Speed


This article references relevant information on how Symphony Commerce measures a site's speed.


Speed Index is the best metrics to measure because it estimates how quickly the page contents are visually populated. It is particularly useful for comparing experiences of pages against each other and should be used in combination with the other metrics (e.g., load time, start render, etc.) to better understand a site's performance.

For more information, refer to Speed Index.

At Symphony Commerce, we use SpeedCurve to measure a site's speed.

SpeedCurve's goal is to deliver metrics that give a real insight into what users are experiencing. Led by Mark Zeman, a teacher, director and leader in the world of design, and Steve Souders, pioneer of the web performance movement, SpeedCurve is innovating new metrics for tracking how design and code changes affect what users see and how quickly they see it. This combination of focusing on design and performance is highlighted by dashboards that include:

  • Filmstrips that show a site's design screen sizes for mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Alerts for the number of critical resources that block your page from rendering.
  • Custom metrics - the most accurate way to measure how quickly users see what matters most.
  • Visualizations of how fast your site renders compared to your competitors. 


SpeedCurve helps developers, designers, and managers to demonstrate how fast the user experience is and how you compare to the competition, enabling you and your team to make better-informed decisions.



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