Paypal Payment Transactions

Card Name: Paypal Payment Transactions

Card Link:

DOMO Page: Orders

Description: This card shows cash movement for Paypal transactions. There is no chargebacks in this report. 

Date Range Filter: order creation time.


Key Columns:

payment processor  "PAYPAL"
transaction type

"refund" or "sales"

total amount

amount customer paid.

cash movement of end customer. Positive means charge, negative means credits.

Since symphony does not have any withholding for PayPal transactions,  total amount = payment processor fees + amount to brand.

Acct deposited into  Brand name (site)
transaction time Paypal transaction creation time (PT)
order creation time PT
order completion date PT
payment processor fees total amount PayPal withheld. Positive represents money inflow to PayPal.
amount to brand

total amount to brand. Positive represents money inflow to brand account.



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