Orders Containing Kits

Card Name: Orders Containing Kits

Card Link: https://symphonycommerce.domo.com/page/543113726/kpis/details/1374250288

DOMO Page: Orders

Description: The report lists orders that contain Kits.

Date Range Filter: order creation time

subtotal merchandise value after applying promotion discount. Other discounts are not included here. Value is >=$0
coupons coupon amount summarized at order level. Value is <= $0

credit amount customer used for this order. Value is <=$0

tax tax customer paid for this order. Value is >=$0
shipping shipping fee customer paid for this order. Value is >=$0
total this is calculated as follows: subtotal + credits + coupons + tax + shipping + refund
total kit units number of kits in the order
total units (all kits broken out) number of units in the kits + number of non-kit units.



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