Creating a User Account for Symphony Manage


You may need to set up a new account for a user to be able to access the Symphony Manage portal or add permissions to an existing account.



  1. Register a user account on the Symphony Manage portal (if it hasn't been created yet).
    1. Click Create an account


    2. Enter the email and password for a new user and click Sign Up.
    3. The user should receive a validation email and open the link from that email. Please also check the Spam folder.
  2. Submit a request to Symphony Support, providing:
    • Email address of the user
    • Permissions that need to be assigned to the user - either provide the email address of an existing user to copy permissions from their account or list the permissions/roles that need to be assigned to the user.


      The most commonly used roles are described below; usually, a brand’s admin user will only require the ROLE_ADMIN, and super admins will additionally require ROLE_PRODUCTION.

      Permission Description

      Basic access, which is required to log in to Manage.
      Provides access to the following tabs and sub-tabs:

      • Insights > Reports
      • Catalog
        • Products
        • Categories
        • Bulk Upload Progress
        • Import Images
      • Fulfillment
        • 3rd Party Orders
        • Receiving (ASN)
        • Inventory management
        • Warehouse Forecast
      • Discounts
        • Promotions
        • Coupons
      • Customer Service
        • Orders
        • Customers
        • Subscriptions
        • Returns
      • Wholesale > Applications

      Provides access to the following sections:

      • Site Management
        • Site Configuration
        • Site navigation
        • Page Elements
        • Product Tabs
        • URL Mapping
      •  Fulfillment
        • Billing Upload
        • Audit Warehouse
        • Shipping Options
      ROLE_DROPSHIP Grants access to Fulfillment > Ship Orders.
      Note: Only for brands using dropshipping.
      ROLE_COMPOSE Grants access to Compose > Web.
      ROLE_NOTIFICATIONS Grants access to the Notifications menu.
      ROLE_SALES_REP Allows the user to be selected as a Sales rep.

      Grants access to the Integrations menu.


Agents should follow the steps below to provide access to the user:

  1. From the Symphony Manage portal, click on the gear-like Settings icon on the top right of the page and select the Partner option:


  2. Click on the Menu icon (mceclip1.png) in the top left side of the screen and navigate to Permissions > Members.
  3. If the requester provided a user to copy the permissions, search for this account using their full or partial email address ( or only and click on the matching account. Then take a screenshot of all assigned permissions.
  4. Search for the new user account and click on it.
    Note: If the brand didn't register an account for the user, you can do it yourself (as described in the public section) and you will need to reset the password for the user (step 6).


  5. Assign the required permissions to the user:
    1. Select the corresponding Brand (matches the organization of the ticket requester) from the first drop-down.
      Note: Users from HCL ( domain) may need access to Gendurance and Propel, which is fine as HCL handles both brands.
    2. Select the required role from the second drop-down and click on the Plus button.
      Repeat this step to add all of the required roles.
      - Brand users should never be assigned roles for the partner site/organization.
      - ROLE_SALES_REP requires additional configuration.
    3. Click Save.


  6. If you have registered the user's account yourself, reset their password - log off from Symphony Manage, click Forgot password, enter the user's email, and click Recover Password.
    Then, ask the user to check their email (including the Spam folder) and change the password.




The user should be able to log in to Symphony Manage and access the required features (according to the assigned permissions):


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