Registering Customer's Guest Account


Customers may find that their email address isn't recognized when they try to reset their password or to log in to manage orders. This is often because they are signed up with a guest account.


Guest accounts have limited functionality. They have no password and cannot manage their orders. 

To confirm that the customer has a guest account:

  1. Log into Symphony Manage and go to Customer Service > Customers
  2. Search for the customer by email or customer id
  3. Click the customer in the list to bring up the customer details page
  4. The customer type is displayed just under the name and idGuest.png

After confirming that the customer is a guest, you can ask them to register themselves. This will register the account, converting it to a Registered Customer with the same customer id. Alternatively, you can register the email address they used on their guest account yourself, and then send a Reset Password notification to the customer.

Please note that since the customer id doesn't change, the customer will have access to their past orders once they register.




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