Ghost/Missing Order Issue


You may encounter an issue when a customer got charged for the order, but the order ID cannot be found in Symphony Manage under Customer Service > Orders.




Root Cause

Although all information is stored in the Symphony Sneakpeeq database however select pieces (orders, returns, customers, products data) of information are synced to ElasticSearch cluster. When an event (order creation, new member, etc) takes place on a database server it gets saved in our database as well as in Kafka. The events saved in Kafka are then processed by ES-ASYNC, an application we built, which uses these events to populate Symphony ElasticSearch cluster keeping it in sync with the database.

When ES-ASYNC stops processing the order events from Kafka while still processing all other event types (product cluster, member, etc) it results in brands not seeing their latest orders when browsing in Symphony Manage. This issue may happen when a lot of orders are created, which causes a lag in ElasticSearch update.



If the customer details are available:

  1. Navigate to Customer Service > Customers and search using the customer's information.
  2. If found, click on the results row to enter the Customer Overview page.
  3. Click on the Orders tab and search for the order number from the list.
  4. If the exact order number isn't found, search for other orders with similar order numbers which might imply the given order number contained a copying typo.
  5. To further narrow down the search scope, look for orders with dates similar to the order's date of purchase.
As a workaround, you can try to access the order using the following link replacing the respective values for brand and order id (value for <brand> can be collected from the address bar of the browser while accessing Symphony Manage):<brand>/admin/customer/cs/orderdetail/<order id>

From this page, you should be able to cancel or refund the order if needed.

If the order hasn't been found, it may have happened that the customer provided an incorrect order number. Ask the customer to verify the order number is the same one that was provided.

If you still can’t find the order then submit a ticket to Symphony Support, providing the number of the missing order or email of the user who created the order and information to help locate the affected order, such as the date of the order.




  1. The brand must provide either the order ID or the email address of the customer and other information to find out which order among their orders is not visible.
  2. Postman application.
  3. Access to manage the brand.

Steps To Fix

Try looking for the order with the Order ID by creating the direct URL as mentioned in the public part of the article, or if the brand provided the customer's email and information about the order then try finding the order in the database using the following query and narrow down the selection:

select * from SPOrder where email = '<email of the user>'

If the affected orders are stuck in Pending, you need to push them to the warehouse.

If the order can’t be found, then execute the following steps:

  1. In Postman, run the following POST API call to sync the orders manually, using your Manage credentials for authentication.<brand_name>&fromId=<from_order_id>&toId=<to_order_id>
    You can run the call for a single order (from_order_id and to_order_id will be the same) or for a range of orders (specifying the minimum order ID as from_order_id and max order ID as to_order_id), and brand_name as the Symphony Manage path of the brand (eg pmuk, fredericks).
  2. If the orders are still missing after running manual sync or there are a lot of affected orders, elevate the case to the SaaS team for further investigation. If multiple brands are facing the issue, then create this issue as a Showstopper, else as a High priority.



Once the issue is resolved, you should be able to find the corresponding order under Customer Service > Orders.



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