Ghost Order Issues


You may encounter an issue when a customer got charged for the order, which cannot be found in Symphony Manage.


Submit a ticket to Symphony Support, providing the number of the missing order or email of the user who created the order and the corresponding date.


As a workaround, you can try to access the order using the following link (replace <brand> and <order id> with the corresponding values):<brand>/admin/customer/cs/orderdetail/<order id>

From this page, you should be able to cancel or refund the order if needed.


  1. If the brand provided only the customer's email, try finding the order in the database using the following query:
    select * from SPOrder where email = '<email of the user>'
  2. Using Postman, run the following API call using POST method for the affected order id:<brand>&fromId=<order id>&toId=<order id>
  3. Check if the order can be found in Manage under Customer Service > Orders.
  4. If the order is still missing, it may have not been completed (there was an error during checkout) and the brand needs to reach out to their payment gateway (Stripe, PayPal, etc.) to get the order refunded.



Once the issue is resolved, you should be able to find the corresponding order under Customer Service > Orders.



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