Cancel Order Without Refund


This article will walk you through the steps to cancel an order without a refund from Manage as well from the backend.



  1. Login to Manage.
  2. Select the customer’s Brand.
  3. Open Customer Service – Orders.
  4. Search by the Order number.

  5. Click the Advanced Tab.
  6. Scroll down to Line item details.
  7. Click the ‘+’ sign.
  8. Open Cancel Line Items (Without Refund).
  9. Select the line item.
  10. Click Void.

The order will be canceled without Refund.



If it is not possible to cancel the order without refund through manage, it can be done from the backend. Use the SQL to get the ProductCluster ID

Select * from VictoryLineItem where victory_id = ‘XXXXX’;

Post a request in POSTMAN to Cancel Line Item without refund.



Note: Line item ID is the product cluster ID.


If the request is successful the status will be 200 OK. We need to verify the status of the order in Manage to confirm the cancellation was successful.


Note: In some cases, Manage either throws an error or simply does not successfully update the items to "cancelled" status. If this problem occurs, raise a ticket to PS to manually cancel the item from the database.



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    Semyon Kondratov

    Regarding Postman: Line Item Ids are the VictoryLineItemIds and not the ProductClusterIds.

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