Exporting Products from Manage


You may need to retrieve all existing or specific products and variants for your brand.



  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Catalog > Products.
  2. Filter the required products using categories, price, attributes, tags, etc.
    If you want to export all products, proceed to the next step.


  3. Click More Actions > Bulk edit export (Excel).


  4. Select the required option for the export:
    • Selected Items: Your exported file will contain only the products that you had checked off in the product list.
    • Current Search: Your exported file will contain all pages of products that match your search criteria (selected filters).
    • Current Page: Your exported file will contain only the products listed on the current page of the search results.
    • All Products: Your exported file will contain all the products in your entire catalog.
      Note: If you select Export only simple products - kits, subscriptions, and gift cards will be excluded.

  1. Click Export File.
    A new page is displayed with your product export listed at the top of the page.
  2. Once its status becomes Complete - click on the product export initiated by you (usually, the top line).


  3. Click on the export_*****_products.xlsx link - the file containing selected products and variants is downloaded to your computer.




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