Best Practices for Packaging Product for Warehouse Receives

Packaging your shipment

When putting your shipment together please follow the packaging guidelines provided below.  When items are shipped to our facilities organized and clearly labeled, our receive team will be able to efficiently process your shipment for put-away.  If shipments do not arrive as specified, the receive process (put-away) may be delayed. Depending on the severity of non-compliance, there may be extra costs / penalty fees associated with the put-away.  

Product Information

  1. All products you submit on the ASN must have a variant title with corresponding variant information, and your manufacturer’s SKU number.  The “variant” information is an expansion of your product title information. For example,

    Product Title:  Striped Cotton T-shirt
    Variant Title:  Striped Cotton T-shirt - Black - Large

  2. Products must have a vendor SKU inputted into the system
    Vendor Product SKU:  SCTBL01

  3. Products must have a bar code ID (if applicable)
  4. Products must have a picture uploaded (in the product page


  1. Pallets must contain the least amount of SKU’s possible.  Ideally, each pallet would consist of only one SKU / product.  Pallets must be wrapped.
  2. Each pallet must be clearly labeled with product, product ID, and bar code.
  3. If a pallet contains mixed items, the Individual boxes must be labeled clearly with product, product ID, and product bar code.
  4. Individual boxes / cartons should not contain mixed product
    1. If a box must contain mixed products, those products need to be separated from each other in bags or dividers.  The products must also be clearly labeled and bar coded so that distinguishing them can be done quickly and free of error.   
  5. Products must be labeled and bar coded as per the bar code specifications mentioned under the “ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) portion of this guide.
  6. Pallets should not exceed 48 inches in height.  
  7. A unique ASN number or identifier must be visible on the outside of at least one package of the shipment.  Placing the identifier on each package whenever possible is preferred, and will optimize billable receiving times.  An ASN number will be assigned to your shipment once you’ve completed the ASN submission.



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