FourSixty is an Instagram curation tool. Brands can choose which Instagram posts to display on their FourSixty landing page on their website, and each tag can link to a product URL. Shoppable Instagram!


Once the brand sets up an account with FourSixty, you will have access to a unique code snippet. This code needs to be passed on to your onboarding project manager or via support if you are integrating post-launch.

Symphony will create a Compose page with the FourSixty snippet embedded into the page. This will allow for your Instagram posts to display on your site. Once this is done, the brand is responsible for using the FourSixty account dashboard, selecting which of their Instagram posts to display on the static page, and then tagging products displayed in the image to specific product URL's.


When considering adding the code to your HP, be mindful that it does slow down page load time.



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