Missing Data in Reports


You may face an issue that data for a specific period is missing in one of your reports, including:

  • Domo Reports
  • Scheduled Reports (located under Integrations > Schedule)
  • Normal reports (located under Insights > Reports)


Submit a request to Symphony Support, including the name of the affected report and the time period for which the data is missing.





  1. Reproduce the issue:
    • Domo Reports:
      1. Log in to Domo using the brand's credentials found in PasswordState.
      2. Confirm that the data is missing in the mentioned report.
        The image below shows an example of a report not showing data for a specific date.
        Note: Symphony logs are stored in an AWS Redshift Data Warehouse, and then FlyData is used to sync data from Redshift into Domo as report cards. Any of these components may fail at some point which can lead to data in reports not being available for brands.


    • Basic Reports - Run the affected report for the mentioned period.

    • Scheduled Reports - Add yourself as a recipient to the affected report and trigger it.
  2. Elevate the case to the PS team (PS will work along with ENG to resolve the case) including the following information:
    • Brand and Report Name
    • Screenshot of the issue
    • Description of the data that is missing




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