Order Hasn't Reached Warehouse or Shipped Out


You may notice that a certain order is stuck in pending status and not reaching the warehouse, sometimes even after a few months have passed, and want the order to be processed.

Orders are often stuck in Pending as they include out of stock items.


  1. From Symphony commerce, navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
  2. Locate the affected order and open it.
  3. Check if the order is marked as Partially out of stock and check which items are OOS.


  4. Cancel the out of stock items if needed:
    1. From the order details page, click Change Order
    2. Select the required item and click Cancel.
    3. Click Save in the top right corner of the page.
  5. If the order is not pushed to the warehouse within an hour (after cancelling OOS items), submit a request to Symphony Support to investigate the issue and push the affected order to the warehouse. Make sure to include the ID of the affected order.

    Note: If the order was placed long ago, you may want to cancel it and issue a refund.



Orders may be stuck in pending due to the following reasons:

  • The order details page shows items that are out of stock.
  • An 'Unexpected shipping delay' message is displayed for the order in Symphony Manage.
  • Graylog entries for the orderID contain the following message, even though the order wasn't canceled by the customer or an agent:
    Statement canceled due to timeout or client request
  • The warehouse rejected the shipment creation due to an out of stock item. This can be verified by running the following query on the database
    SELECT DISTINCT a.orderId, a.details, a.id 
    (SELECT fl.details,  fp.orderId,  fp.id 
    FROM FulfillmentDelayReasonLog fl JOIN FulfillmentShipment fp ON fl.entityId = fp.id 
    WHERE fp.orderId in (<ORDER_ID_LIST>)
    ) a
    GROUP BY orderid;
    The details field shows the following error: 
    Warehouse rejected shipment creation attempt with message: 
    PROCESS: Order Processing Error: Insufficient inventory for SKU <SKU #>

Below is the default solution for the pending orders issues; if you encounter any issues or find other errors in the database using the above query, refer to the Stuck Orders Troubleshooting guide for alternative solutions.

  1. Inform the requester of any out of stocks items and ask if those items should be canceled.
  2. Cancel from the order any OOS items that can be removed according to the brand:
    1. From the order details page, click Change Order
    2. Select the required item and click Cancel.
    3. Click Save in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Push the orders to the warehouse using Postman:
    1. Select POST mode.
    2. Enter the URL of the shipment creation endpoint:  https://manage.symphonycommerce.com/org/partner/api/v1/fulfillment/create-shipments?orderId=<ORDER-ID>, replacing the argument <ORDER-ID> with a pending order number.
    3. Click the Authorization tab.
    4. Choose Basic Auth from the Type drop-down.
    5. Fill in Username and Password used for login at Manage UI.
    6. Click the Send button.
    7. You should see a SUCCESS message.

  4. Repeat step 3 for all other orders reported by the brand.
    Note: If you need to push all current orders for the brand that are in Pending status to warehouse, you can elevate the case to the PS team.

  5. Go back to the Manage Orders screen and confirm that all orders now have valid Shipment IDs.




Navigate to Customer Service > Orders and search for the affected orders - they should be in the Warehouse status.



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