Order Has Shipment ID but Never Reached Warehouse


An order is in the Warehouse status for more than 24 hours and has a Shipment number, but it hasn't been shipped. This issue may happen when the order didn't reach the warehouse.


Submit a request to Symphony Support to void the order and push it again to the warehouse, including the Order ID, which is stuck in Warehouse status. 
Note: You may need to confirm with the warehouse that they didn't receive the initial order to avoid having duplicate orders (when it is pushed again).


If you need to identify why the order got stuck or encountered any issues while voiding and pushing it to the warehouse, refer to the Stuck Orders Troubleshooting guide. 

To void the order and push it to the warehouse again, follow the steps below. 
Note: This process can be performed for Gendurance and Gevalia who have a synchronization implemented between the warehouse (Warren Inc.) and Symphony Commerce. Zevia need to contact the warehouse directly.

  1. Log in to Symphony Manage.
  2. Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner of the screen and select the required Brand.
  3. Navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
  4. Find and click on the required order.
  5. Check if the order was put on hold - in this case you need to Release all the items.
    Otherwise, proceed to the next step.


  6. Go to the Advanced tab.
  7. Expand the Create Void Shipment section.
  8. Click Void (WAREHOUSE).


    • If you are having issues voiding shipment from the Manage UI, you can void it using API:
      1. Locate the Shipment ID at the top of the order details page (under the Contents tab) or retrieve it from the database using the following query:
        select * from FulfillmentShipment where orderId=<order id>
      2. Run following POST API call in Postman (as described in step 10):

        https://manage.symphonycommerce.com/org/partner/api/v1/fulfillment/voidShipment?shipmentId=<Shipment Id>
  9. From Customer Service > Orders, check that the status of the order is changed to Pending.


  10. Push the order to warehouse using Postman:
    1. Select the POST method.
    2. Enter the URL of the shipment creation endpoint, replacing the <Order-ID> with the pending order number:
    3. From the Authorization tab:
      1. Select Basic Auth from the Type drop-down.
      2. Enter Username and Password used to log in to Symphony Manage.
    4. Click Send.
      You should see the SUCCESS message. If you are getting a Redis server response timeout message, you can put the ticket on hold for 1-2 hours, and then try to run the API call again




Navigate to Customer Service > Orders and locate the affected order:

  • It should be in the Warehouse status.
  • Once you click on it, it should have a new shipment # and additional messages that the order was voided and then pushed to warehouse.



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