Canceling Fraudulent Orders


You may need to cancel an order and mark it as fraud when the end-customer reports that they did not place the order.


  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
  2. Search for the required order using its number, customer's email, name, or address.
  3. Open the corresponding order.
  4. Mark the order as fraud by clicking on the Fraud Hold button.
    If the order is already Shipped, you will not be able to mark it as fraud - proceed to the next step.


  5. Select the Customer tab and mark the account as fraud by clicking on the BAD button.


  6. Click Yes, Confirm Changes - this will mark all active orders for this account as fraud.


  7. Cancel the order - it will be refunded automatically.
    • If the order is in the Warehouse status - the warehouse might already be in the process of preparing the order to be shipped; hence, you may want to contact the warehouse directly to stop the order from being shipped.
    • If the order is already Shipped and you don't want to cancel it, you can either refund it manually or ask the customer file a dispute with their payment processor (PayPal, bank, etc.).


The order will be displayed as canceled under Customer Service > Orders. If you open the page for the order, the Order Timeline section will display that it was put on fraud hold and canceled.




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