Exporting Image URLs and Product Variants


You may need to extract links to images for all product variants in Symphony.


Submit a request to Symphony Support, describing the required fields and specifying if you need image URLs for all product variants or only for published ones (excluding archived and unlisted).
Note: If you want to have all the product images exported and uploaded on a shared drive, please reach out to your Account Manager.



Image URLs can be exported following the steps below.

If the brand wants to pull all image files, they need to contact their AM - such requests should be handled by the PS team as downloading images from AWS may require a significant amount of time.

  1. Connect to the database and run the following query.
    Adjust the query by adding more fields if requested by the brand; also, remove the 'and pc.archived = 0 and pc.unlist = 0' section if the brand wants to include images for archived and unlisted variants.

    SELECT pc.id as Product, p.id as variant, p.name as Name, p.vendorSKUId as SKU, i.large, distribution 
    FROM Product p
    JOIN ProductCluster pc on p.productClusterId = pc.id
    JOIN Image i on i.entityId = pc.id
    WHERE pc.site = '<brand>' and pc.archived = 0 and pc.unlist = 0
    GROUP BY p.id, i.large
    ORDER BY pc.id, p.id;
    Note: Make sure to remove the output limit to extract all available images.


  2. Export the data as a CSV file.
  3. Add https:// to the G column (if you used the default query).
  4. Copy the following formula to the H2 field and expand it to generate proper image links in the H column.


  5. Test that newly generated links from the column H are working.
  6. Copy the content of the column H (with the links to images) and paste the content to the next column using Ctrl+ALT+V and selecting Values.


  7. Remove the unnecessary columns (E, F ,G, H), save the file, and send it to the requester.




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