Adding Recipients to Scheduled Reports


You may need to add a new user to receive one of your scheduled reports.



Check if you can access Integrations in the left sidebar. You need to have ROLE_MANAGE_INTEGRATION added to your account for the option to be visible.

Raise a support ticket to add a new recipient to the required report if you cannot access the menu option, or else proceed with the steps below.


Roles assigned to accounts are visible in Permissions > Members. Select the "partner" brand in the top right corner, visit Permissions > Members, search for your account with the email address being used and check the assigned roles against a brand by changing the brand in the brand selector and make sure you have the ROLE_MANAGE_INTEGRATION role assigned to you.


  1. In Symphony Manage, select the required brand from the top-right corner.
  2. Navigate to Integration > Schedule.
  3. Click on the required report.


  4. From the Configs tab, enter the new recipient's email into the Email To field, separate it from the previous email address using a comma and a space.


  5. Click Save.



From the Configs tab, you can click Trigger to execute the report right away and then check with the newly added recipient if the report was delivered to them.



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