Cannot Refund Order Through Manage


An order is not refunded when you are trying to cancel it or process a refund manually. You may also encounter one of the following errors:

  • A system error has occurred, please try again later - this error is visible on the UI while trying to issue a refund, and maybe because of various causes.
  • 10009: This transaction already has a chargeback filed - this error occurs when Symphony Commerce is unable to process a refund as the payment gateway (such as Stripe or PayPal) has marked the transaction as unmodifiable - this includes chargebacks, disputes, and refunds already requested directly through the payment gateway.
  • 10009: You are over the time limit to perform a refund on this transaction - this error occurs when you are trying to refund an order that was placed during the previous year or earlier.




Make sure you have the ROLE_ADMIN role assigned to you. Roles assigned to accounts are visible in Permissions > Members. Select the "partner" brand in the top right corner, visit Permissions > Members, search for your account with the email address being used and check the assigned roles against a brand by changing the brand in the brand selector.


  1. In Symphony Manage, select the required brand from the top-right corner and navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
  2. Locate the order which you need to refund and click on it.
  3. Open the Payment and Invoice tab.
  4. Locate the Credit Details section at the bottom of the page - it displays the transaction ID, processor (PayPal, Visa, etc.), and the date of the transaction.
  5. Access your brand payment dashboard (Stripe, PayPal, etc.) and search for the transaction ID found in the previous step.
    • If the order is being disputed by the payment processor, contact them to see if it is possible to refund the payment.
    • If the order is refunded by the payment processor, there is no need to refund it via Symphony Manage.
    • If the hold is dropped, you should be able to refund the order via Symphony Manage.
    • If the order was placed during the previous year, cancel the order without refund and reach out to the payment processor to refund the order; alternatively, you can ask the customer to place a dispute via PayPal/ Stripe or suggest creating a new order for them with a discount.



Agents can also perform the following steps to investigate the issue:

  • Connect to the Database and run the following query to check transactions linked to the order (e.g., when there were double charges):
    select * from PaymentTransaction where entityId in ('<Order Id>')
  • Also, you can search for the payment code (step 4 of the public section) in Graylogs to see if there are any error messages sent by the payment gateway.
  • If the order was processed via Visa/Mastercard/American Express, it might be accessible via Stripe - you can send a side-conversation to (Symphony Finance, previously known as Aclate Finance) to check the status of the order in Stripe and accept the dispute (refund the order) if requested by the brand.





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