Finding Subscriptions Planned for Specific Time Period


You may want to retrieve information about customers with subscriptions that are planned to be shipped during a specific time period (e.g., when no orders will be dispatched due to an audit).


Submit a support request providing the required time range, and our agents will provide the corresponding data.
Note: The report will not include the subscriptions created or modified by brand or end-users between the creation date of the report and the start of the specified period.




  1. Connect to the database and run the following query for the required brand (e.g., zevia, gendurance, etc.):
    SELECT, s.member_id,,, s.frequency, s.frequencyUnit, ss.nextActionDate, ss.status,
    FROM Subscription s, SubscriptionState ss, Member m
    AND ='<brandname>' and and ss.status='ONGOING';
  2. Export the results in an XLS/CSV file.
  3. Open the file and rename the nextActionDate column to Upcoming/1st Cycle or something similar.
  4. Add 2nd Cycle and 3rd Cycle columns.
  5. Autofill the column 2nd Cycle by adding values of the frequency and 1st Cycle columns.
  6. Autofill the column 3rd Cycle by adding values of the frequency and 2nd Cycle columns.


  7. Filter the end-customers who have an upcoming subscription scheduled during the period specified by the brand.
    You can also use conditional formatting to highlight matching dates from different cycles.
  8. Save the updated file and send it to the requester in a secure way (e.g., password-protected archive).





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