Changing Code for a Shipping Method


You may need to update the Code for a specific shipping method, which can be changed only from the backend.


Submit a request to Symphony support, providing the following information:

  • Name of the shipping method
  • Current shipping code
  • New shipping code

Please note that this change may take some time as it requires a scheduled maintenance window for the Symphony server to be restarted.


  1. Connect to the database.
  2. Find the required code:
    SELECT * FROM WarehouseShipMethod 
    WHERE warehouseShipCode = '<name of the current code>'
    For example:


    Note: Id and shipMethod_id are the same in this example, but they may be different.
  3. Check that the code is linked to the shipping method (serviceLevel field) mentioned by the customer  using the following query:
    SELECT * FROM ShippingMethod WHERE id = <shipMethod_id value from step 2>
    In this example, the customer wanted to change a code for the Ground shipping method:


  4. Check when the maintenance window (with Symphony Manage restart) for the next release is scheduled, if the planned date is delayed, you may want to check with PCA when the release will be done.
  5. Create a Change Request Jira under the SPC project to run the following queries a day or two before the planned Symphony Manage restart:
    1. The following query to change the shipping code:
      UPDATE WarehouseShipMethod
      SET warehouseShipCode = '<name of the new code>'
      WHERE id = <id from step 2> and
      shipMethod_id = <shipMethod_id from step 2> and
      warehouseShipCode = '<name of the current code>';
    2. The following query to delete ShippingRate records for the last 30 days:
      DELETE FROM ShippingRate WHERE DATEDIFF(now(), created) <= 30;
  6. Wait for the next maintenance window - the Symphony Manage service will be restarted when a new release is complete.



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