Customers Are Charged Multiple Times for Duplicate Orders


You may notice that duplicate orders are generated by the system and customers are charged more than once for created orders or subscriptions.


Submit a request to Symphony support, providing examples of the duplicate orders or subscriptions and affected end-customers. 

Additionally, you may need to cancel and refund the excessive orders; affected subscription dates can be updated by our Support team in bulk.




This issue may be caused by the long running queries on spprod-offline DB, causing a data lag from the master DB and generating duplicate orders.

Create a SaaS Incident Jira under the SPC project to get this issue fixed.

Once the issue is resolved by SaaS,

  • The orders that cannot be canceled from Manage need to be canceled using API.

  • Also, check that there are no affected subscriptions and fix the upcoming dates for the affected ones:
  1. Find all duplicate subscriptions (created during the same day by the Script server).
    Change the highlighted date to be 1 or 2 months in the future
    select sc.subscription_id, GROUP_CONCAT(sc.order_id), sc.cycle,
      GROUP_CONCAT(CAST(sc.created AS DATE)),
      GROUP_CONCAT((select author from SubscriptionTimeline where dataType = 'SubscriptionCycle'
       and action = 'INSERT' and subscription_id = sc.subscription_id and newVal LIKE '%SUCCEEDED%'
       and newVal LIKE '%ORDER_PLACED%' and newVal LIKE CONCAT('%', sc.order_id, '%'))) as author, from SubscriptionCycle sc
       inner join SPOrder o on sc.order_id =
       inner join Victory v on o.victory_id =
       inner join Site s on = s.subdomain
       where sc.reasonCode = 'ORDER_PLACED' and sc.status = 'SUCCEEDED'
        and sc.created > '2020-01-01 00:00:00' and s.archivedAt = '1970-01-01 00:00:01'
       group by sc.subscription_id, sc.created
       having count(sc.created) > 1 and author NOT LIKE '%@%';


  2. Filter only ongoing subscriptions from the subscriptions found in step 1:

    select, s.frequency, s.frequencyUnit, ss.nextActionDate, ss.status,  
    from Subscription s, SubscriptionState ss
    where in (<all affected subscription Ids>)
    and s.frequency<28 and and ss.status = 'ONGOING';


  3. Cancel the last (duplicated) order for the affected subscriptions.
    You can use Curl or Postman, and use your Symphony manage credentials.

    curl -XDELETE -u<user>:<password> -s "<brand>/api/v2/subscriptions/<subscription_id>?cancelLastOrder=true"
  4. Using the API below, update the upcoming date (when the subscription will be shipped) for each affected subscription - it should match the initial schedule.
    For example, a subscription was shipped on 11/15 and a duplicate order was created on 11/16; if the subscription is shipped every 14 days, the next order date should be 11/28.

    curl -XPUT -u<username>:<password> -H 'Content-type: application/json' -s "<brand>/api/v1/subscriptions/<subscription-Id>/next-order-date" -d'<YYYY-MM-DD>'



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