Exporting Store Credit Data


You may need to retrieve data about the remaining store credit per user.


Check if you can access Insights in the left sidebar. You need to have ROLE_ADMIN added to your account for the option to be visible. Raise a support ticket to request the report if you cannot access the menu option or proceed with the steps below.


Make sure you have the ROLE_ADMIN role assigned to you. Roles assigned to accounts are visible in Permissions > Members. Select the "partner" brand in the top right corner, visit Permissions > Members, search for your account with the email address being used and check the assigned roles against a brand by changing the brand in the brand selector.


  1. Select the correct brand from the top-right corner in Symphony Manage.
  2. Navigate to Insights > Reports.
  3. Search for the following report and click on it: Members with credits and the amounts of their credits
    Alternatively, you can open the following URL in your browser, replacing <brand> with the actual name of your brand: https://manage.symphonycommerce.com/<brand>/admin/insights/reports/25
  4. Click Download.
    The data will be exported in the CSV format within 20-30 seconds.
  5. <supportagent>Share the report with the requester if they were unable to access/download it themselves.</supportagent>

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