Scheduled Report Is Not Received


You have a report that is being sent to your email on a regular basis, but it is not delivered at the expected time.


Submit a request to Symphony Support to investigate why the report was not sent out; make sure to provide the name of the report.

Meanwhile, you can retrieve the same report manually.




This issue might be caused by our Sendgrid account being blocked.

  1. Add your email address to the scheduled report to be able to confirm once the issue is resolved.
  2. Check when was the last time the report was sent out - under the Logs tab (from the report window you opened in step 1).


  3. Elevate the case to the PS team to check if there are any issues with the Sendgrid account (or any other errors with the report).
  4. Once the issue is resolved, open the report (as described in step 1) and click on the Trigger button to check if it is delivered to your email.



Once you receive confirmation that the issue is fixed, the report should be delivered to your email according to the schedule.



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