Exporting Active Coupons


You may need to retrieve a list of all active coupons for your Brand.


Submit a request to Symphony Support, including the fields that you require for each coupon; for example:

  • Coupon code
  • Discount amount
  • Minimum order value
  • Expiry date



  1. Connect to the database and run a query to retrieve
    select code CouponCode,type,amount,targetType,id SymphonyId,minPrice,maxPrice,numUses,maxUses,reason,isOneTimeUse,active,expiration,maxUsesPerCart 
    from CouponCode where site='<site-name>' and expiration > now() and (maxUses - numUses) > 0 order by id desc;

    If the requester needs additional fields, you can check all available fields by running the following simple query and updating the above code as needed:

    select * from CouponCode where site='<site-name>' 
  2. Export and archive the file and send it to the requester.





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