Orders Are Placed On Hold for Customer


You may notice that orders are automatically placed In Review for a certain customer.

This issue may happen when the address for the customer is incomplete; for example, it is missing the suite or apartment number. It is more likely to occur for wholesale customers.


  1. Use any address validation tool (e.g., Melissa) to confirm that the Ship To address is correct. If it is not correct, correct the mistake or missing information and check the address again.
  2. Update address for existing orders that were put on hold - it is possible only for orders that do not have a Shipment Id.
    : If the Id was generated, it is displayed at the top of the Contents tab on the page of the order - in this case, you may need to contact the Warehouse to correct the address.
    1. Navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
    2. Search for the required order using its ID and click on the order.
    3. Click Change Order.


    4. Select the Customer tab.
    5. Enter the correct Ship to address (which is confirmed by an address validation tool).
    6. Click Save.


  3. Release orders that were put on hold.
  4. When submitting new orders, check that Ship To address is valid.



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