New or Updated Product Is Not Reflected on Website


You have created, uploaded, or updated products in Manage, but they are not displayed on your website. Products may also be missing in Manage under Catalog > Products.


Submit a request to Symphony Support to run manual sync for the affected category; please include the name of the category under which the affected products are listed and the affected website (if you have multiple sites).

Note: If the product is missing in the catalog, it still should be present in the All Products report (id 107).



This problem might be caused by issues with Elastic Search sync. To investigate and fix the root cause, elevate the case to SaaS.

To sync the affected products manually, follow the steps below:

  1. From Symphony Manage, click on the Gear icon at the top right and select the required brand.
  2. If the customer didn't provide the category name, check under which category the affected products are listed. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.
    1. Navigate to Catalog > Products.
    2. Find and open the required product.
    3. Expand the Categories section and check under which category the product is assigned.

  3. Navigate to Catalog > Categories.
  4. Find and open the category mentioned by the customer.
  5. Note down the category ID from the address bar in your browser.
  6. Select Published and In Stock items to see how many items should be reflected on the brand site.


  7. Check the number of the last item on the page - the number is displayed in the top left corner of the box for the product. If there is more than one page of products, navigate to the last page and check the number of the last item there.
  8. Using Postman, run the following API call using the POST method and entering the requester's brand and category ID from step 5; use your Symphony Manage credentials for authentication.<brand>&fromId=<category ID>&toId=<category ID>
  9. Connect to the database and retrieve the min and max numbers (IDs) of items from the affected category:
    SELECT min(ProductCluster_id), max(ProductCluster_id) 
    FROM ProductClusterCategoryRank where category_id in (<category ID>)
  10. In Postman, run the following API call (POST method) to sync all items in the category:<brand>&fromid=<min ID from step 8>&toid=<max ID from step 8>

    : This call may timeout, but the sync should still work.
  11. Wait for some time (it may take up to an hour) and check if the number of items under the affected category on the Brand's website matches the number of Published and In Stock items from step 7. The brand website usually is the same as their email domain; if the brand has several websites, they should provide the affected website URL.
    Also, make sure that the affected products can be found under Catalog > Products.



The number of items under the affected category on your website should match the number of Published and In Stock items in Symphony Manage (under Catalog > Categories); the products should also be listed under Catalog > Products.



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