Customers Cannot Enter Shipping Address When Placing Orders


Customers cannot submit orders - when they try to enter their address and select the option suggested by Google Maps, the field remains blank.

This issue may happen when Google Maps Autocomplete is enabled for your brand, but the Google APIs are not working properly.


Submit a request to Symphony Support to investigate the issue further, describing the case in detail.



  1. Try to reproduce the issue on the brand's website - start creating an order and enter a shipping address during checkout. If the address field remains blank after you select it from the options proposed by Google, there must be an issue with the API. Check if there are any errors using Developer Tools (F12).
  2. Disable Google Maps Autocomplete for the brand (as a workaround) and communicate this change to the requester - this will allow their customers to place orders while the issue is resolved.
    1. From Symphony Manage, select the required brand.
    2. Navigate to Site Management > Site Configuration.
    3. Locate the Checkout Page section and click edit.


    4. Enter false in the googleMapsAutocompleteEnabled field.
    5. Click Save Changes.
  3. Report the issue to the Engineering team, including the errors you found using Developer Tools in your browser (step 1).
  4. Once the issue is resolved by ENG, check with the customer if they want to enable the Google Maps Autocomplete feature again. If yes, enable it by changing the googleMapsAutocompleteEnabled field value (step 2.d) to true.



Try creating a test order on your website - you should be able to enter a shipping address and place the order.



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