Checking If Transaction Email Was Sent


You may want to know if a certain transaction email was sent out (e.g., backorder delayed, order in review, etc.) when an employee or consumer claims that they didn't receive the corresponding email.


  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Notifications > Email Setup and check if the required email type is enabled for your brand.


    • If the email type is disabled, enable it by selecting Enable at the top of the page, adding a checkmark next to the required email type, and clicking Submit Options at the bottom of the page.
    • If the email type is enabled - ask the affected user to check their Spam/ Trash folder, and if the email is missing, submit a request to Symphony Support, including the following information:
      • Name of the email type
      • Corresponding Order ID (if applicable)
      • Email address of the affected user
      • Date when the email should have been sent



  1. Double-check if the corresponding email type is enabled for the brand (as described in the public section). If it is enabled, proceed to the next step.
  2. If the email mentioned by the customer was sent within the past 7 days, send a side-conversation to to check if the email was sent via Sendgrid to the corresponding user; make sure to include email of the user.
    If the email was sent more than 7 days ago, proceed to the next step.
  3. Try to reproduce the scenario that triggers the reported transaction email on the test environment or on the Brand's environment with the help of the requester (if needed).
  4. If the emails for the corresponding transactions are not sent/delivered:
    1. Try searching in Graylogs for events containing the email address of the account used to reproduce the issue or name of the transaction email type.
    2. If nothing was found in Graylogs, you can elevate the case to the PS team to check email logs and see if there are any issues with our Sendgrid account.

      If you have identified the root cause of the issue, elevate the case to the SaaS or Engineering team (depending on the nature of the issue - Infrastructure (SaaS) or Application Code (ENG)).




Reproduce the scenario that triggers the corresponding transaction email using an account with your email address to see if an email will be delivered.


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