Confirming If Order Was Refunded


You may need to double-check that an order was refunded when a customer claims that they didn't receive the payment back.


  1. Check if the order was refunded in Symphony:
    1. Navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
    2. Locate the required order and open it.
    3. Under the Payment and Invoice tab, scroll down to the Credit details section and check if the order was refunded according to the Transaction History.


  2. If the customer still claims that they didn't receive the refund on the corresponding date, submit a request to Symphony Support including the Order #, and our Finance team will check if the payment went through.




  1. Retrieve the payment code and refund date for the order (as described in the public section).
  2. Send a side-conversation to to check in Stripe if the order was refunded, including the payment code, payment details, and date when the refund was processed.



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