Inventory Quantities Are Incorrect in Symphony


You may notice that inventory is overstated, i.e. quantities for certain products are incorrect in Symphony Manage (different from the number of available products in the warehouse), which might be caused by inventory synchronization issues between Manage and the warehouse.



Submit a ticket to Symphony Support, providing the IDs for the affected products and the correct number of items in stock.

Check if you can access Fulfillment > Inventory Management in the left sidebar(You need to have ROLE_ADMIN added to your account for the option to be visible) and then check the product ID in Symphony Manage under Fulfillment > Inventory Management. In case you cannot access Inventory Management, then you can also export the report: Audit - Product Inventory Levels (id 370).


  1. Using Postman, run the following API call using the POST method for each product ID reported by the brand to sync the inventory values:<product ID>&applyInventoryAudit=true
  2. Connect to the database and check that the item quantities were updated:
    from Product p, WarehouseSkuMapping w, WarehousePoolInventory wp
    where w.stockKeepingUnitId=wp.stockKeepingUnitId
    and w.stockKeepingUnitId=p.stockKeepingUnitId
    and wp.poolName='DEFAULT'
    and in (<Product IDs separated by comma>) order by;
    If you need to check the sum of all affected product quantities, use the following query:
    select sum(inventory) from Product where id in (<Product IDs separated by comma>)
  3. If the product is still displayed as out of stock on the brand's website then sync the items in the product's category as described in the article New or Updated Product Is Not Reflected on Website.



Check that the number of items in Symphony matches the actual quantity of products in the warehouse under Fulfillment > Inventory Management or in the Audit - Product Inventory Levels (id 370) report.



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