Numerous Orders Are Placed On Hold With No Reason


You may notice that multiple orders are stuck in the Pending or Fraud Review status for no visible reason.

This issue may happen when the fraud score fails to be calculated for the affected orders.


Submit a request to Symphony support, including the IDs of the affected orders.




Create a SaaS Incident Jira under the SPC project for SaaS to investigate if there are any issues with the processPendingFraudReviews job that calculates fraud scores for orders, which may be causing Sift 54 Error.

Meanwhile, you can push the affected orders to the warehouse manually using Postman:

  1. Select the POST method.
  2. Enter the URL of the shipment creation endpoint, replacing the <Order-ID> with the pending order number:<Order-ID>
  3. From the Authorization tab, select Basic Auth from the Type drop-down and enter Username and Password used to log in to Symphony Manage.
  4. Click Send.
    You should see the SUCCESS message.




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