Cannot Find Product Variant In Manage


You are unable to find a product variant under the corresponding product cluster.

This issue may happen when the variant was mapped to the wrong product.


  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Fulfillment > Inventory Management and search for the affected product variant using its name or ID.
  2. Copy its SKU#.


  3. Navigate to Catalog > Products and search for a product using SKU# of the affected variant.
  4. Open the product that was found end expand the Variants/SKUs section by clicking on the menu/Hide button.


  5. Confirm that the desired variant is listed under the wrong product.
  6. Submit a request to Symphony Support to remap the affected variant to the correct product cluster, including the ID of the variant and ID of the product to which the variant needs to be remapped.



Navigate to Catalog > Products and search for the corresponding variant using its SKU# - the correct product should be found. Also, the variant should be available under the correct product on your website.


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