Customers Cannot Add Variant to Cart


Consumers are encountering the following error when selecting a specific product variant and trying to add it to their cart:
Please select one of each attribute

This issue may happen when there is a duplicate variant with the same attributes.


  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Catalog > Products.
  2. Find the product to which the affected variant is linked and open it.
  3. Expand the Variants/SKUs section by clicking on the menu/Hide button.


  4. Check if there are duplicate variants for the affected size/color/flavor.
  5. If you have found a duplicate variant - remove it and check if the issue persists.


  6. If you haven't found a duplicate variant or the issue persists after removing the unnecessary variant, submit a request to Symphony Support including the ID of the affected product variant.



  1. Connect to the database and run the following query:
    select * from Product where id = <ID of the affected variant>
  2. From the query results, copy the name of the affected variant.
  3. Run the following query to check if there are any other variants with the exact same name:
    select * from Product where name = '<name of the affected variant>'
  4. If you have found duplicate variants, check with the brand which variant should be removed.
  5. Elevate the case to the PS team, including your findings - if you have found duplicate variants, specify which variant needs to be removed; otherwise, PS will need to troubleshoot the issue further.




From your website, try selecting the same product variant and adding it to your cart - the product should be added to your cart successfully.


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