Adding Conversion Pixel or Script to Your Website


You may need to add a pixel or a similar script to the header or footer of your website to track conversions when people land on your site. Also, you may need to add a pixel to a specific page on your website (e.g., order confirmation).

Note: There is no out-of-the-box feature to track subscription-based orders. If you want to add a conversion pixel to emails that are sent to customers each time a new order is shipped or track orders for existing subscriptions in any other way, please contact your Account Manager - this task may require a custom integration to be built.


  • To add a pixel to the header or footer of your website, follow the steps below.

    1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Site management > Page Elements.
      Note: You need to have the ROLE_PRODUCTION permission added to your account to access this section.
    2. Find the header or footer snippet and click Edit.


    3. Paste the pixel code in the TextContent field.


    4. Click Save.

  • To add a pixel to a specific page of your website, submit a request to Symphony Support, including the name of the required page and the code of the pixel.



Elevate requests to add a pixel to a specific website page to the PS team.



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