Cannot Create ASN


You are unable to create an ASN, encountering the following error:

Error publishing this ASN. Please try again.

This issue may happen when one of the items added to the ASN is not configured correctly on the Warehouse server.


  1. Open Developer Tools in your browser by pressing F12.
  2. Try submitting the same ASN to the warehouse again.
  3. From the developer tools, open the Network tab and search for the asn element.


  4. Check if there any errors related to SKUs under the Response tab.
    For example:
    PROCESS: SKU P001111 not found. SKU values are case-sensitive. 
    Please check the SKU and try again.
  5. Next, you can:
    • Contact the Warehouse to check why the affected product is not found on their side.
    • Remove the faulty product from the ASN by clicking on the x button and try sending the ASN to the warehouse again.


  6. If you still cannot save the ASN after checking with the warehouse, submit a request to Symphony Support, providing the ID of the affected ASN.


Agents can also check if the warehouse mapping is correctly implemented on our side for the items added to the ASN.

  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Fulfillment > Receiving (ASN).
  2. Find the corresponding ASN and open it.
  3. Check the Symphony ID values for the products added to the ASN.
  4. Connect to the database and run the following query for the products added to the ASN.
    Note: Remove the P prefix from the product/Symphony IDs.
    p.stockKeepingUnitId,w.poolName, w.onHandQty, ws.warehouseSkuId
    from Product p, WarehousePoolInventory w, WarehouseSkuMapping ws
    where w.stockKeepingUnitId=p.stockKeepingUnitId
    and p.stockKeepingUnitId=ws.stockKeepingUnitId
    and w.poolName='DEFAULT' and p.Id in
    ('<product IDs>') order by p.vendorSKUId,ws.warehouseSkuId;
  5. Check if the vendorSKUIds are the same as warehouseSKUIds for each product.
    • If they are different, elevate this issue to the PS team to correct the warehouse mapping.
    • If they are the same, check if there are any errors in Graylogs for the affected ASN.
      If there are no specific errors pointing to an infrastructure/ database issue on the Symphony side, there must be an issue with one of the products on the warehouse side.



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