Customer Is Not Invoiced for Orders


You may face an issue when a wholesale customer is not invoiced for their orders.

This issue may happen when your brand has issued a credit to the same customer and orders were paid using credited funds.


  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
  2. Find the order for which the customer was not charged and open it.
  3. Select the Payment and Invoice tab and check if the order was paid using credited funds.


  4. From the Customer tab, click on the account ID to review their profile.


  5. From the customer account, you can check:
    • The amount of remaining credit
    • When and who issued the credit to the customer (if a note was added by the user)


  6. Additionally, you may want to set the Available Credit amount to 0 and click Save Changes - the customer will not be able to use credit funds for the next orders.


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