Duplicate Orders Received by Warehouse


You may notice that an order with the same ID or for the same customer and containing the same items was submitted to the warehouse multiple times, and you want to know why this happened.

This issue may happen when:

  • Your brand requested to void and push an order to the warehouse without checking with the warehouse if they have received the order already.
  • An order was stuck - it was canceled (while already sent to the warehouse) and recreated to resolve the issue, or it was pushed to the warehouse multiple times due to errors.


  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Customer Service > Orders.
  2. Find the affected order and open it.
  3. Check the Order Timeline section - it may contain notes from your colleagues who may have requested the order to be re-pushed to the warehouse.


  4. If there are no notes, check with your colleagues who handle customer orders if they have submitted a ticket for Symphony Support to void and push the order to the warehouse.
  5. If they have not, submit a request to Symphony Support to investigate this issue further, including the ID and shipment numbers for the affected orders.
    Note: If the order has already been dispatched by the warehouse but still is displayed as Pending, mark it as Shipped.


  1. Search for tickets in Zendesk using the order number provided by the requester to see if the order was pushed to the warehouse manually or recreated.
  2. If no tickets were found, you can check Order Timeline (steps 1-3) to see if any actions were performed by other agents (and contact the person if so).
  3. Additionally, you may check with the PS team if they have pushed the affected order as it was stuck.
  4. If the order is still in the Pending status (while it was received by the warehouse), change its status to Shipped to avoid it from being pushed to the warehouse again.

Note: If there are duplicate orders created by the system, refer to the article Customers Are Charged Multiple Times for Duplicate Orders.




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