Archiving Products In Bulk


You may need to archive a large number of products at once and want to know how to do it.


  1. From Symphony Manage, navigate to Catalog > Products.
  2. Filter the required products using the Name, Categories, Attributes, and Product Tags fields.
  3. Add a checkmark in the top left corner of the page to select all products on the current page.


    • If there are a lot of matching products, you can configure (in the menu at the bottom of the page) to have up to 1000 items displayed on a single page.


  4. Click Bulk Edit under the Publish column.
  5. Select Unpublish Products and click Save.
    Note: If you don't unpublish the products before archiving, they will still be displayed on your website.


  6. Click More Actions > Archive.


  7. Confirm archiving by clicking OK.
    • If you have issues archiving the products from Manage, submit a request to Symphony Support, including the list of product IDs that need to be archived.


To archive a long list of products, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to the database and run the following query to check if the affected products are unpublished:
    select id, title, unlist, archived from ProductCluster where id in (<List of product IDs>)
    • If for all products are unpublished (the unlist value is 1), you can archive the products by running the following POST API in Postman:<brand>/api/v1/productcluster/archive?ids=<List of product IDs separated by comma>
    • If most of the products are published (unlist = 0), create a Change Request Jira under the SPC project including the following query for each product:
      UPDATE ProductCluster
      SET unlist = 1,
      archived = 1
      where id = <Product ID>



The archived products should no longer be displayed in Manage (under Catalog > Products) and on your website.


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