Password Reset Is Required Every Day


You may encounter an issue when you cannot log in to Symphony and need to reset your password daily.

This issue may happen in the following scenarios:

  • Corrupted cookies or cached data preventing you from logging in.
  • At times, Symphony Manage may not accept your credentials from the first try - the login page is refreshed and you need to enter credentials again.


  1. Try entering your credentials again and clicking Sign In.


  2. If that does not help, try clearing cache and removing cookies in your browser.
  3. You can try reinstalling your browser from scratch or using another browser.



  1. If the issue is not resolved by clearing cache/using another, remove all permissions for the customer account:
    1. From Symphony manage, select the Partner brand.
    2. Navigate to Permissions > Members.
    3. Find and open the customer's account.
    4. Select their brand (matching organization in Zendesk).
    5. Remove permissions assigned to the account by clicking on the X button next to each role.
      Note: You may need to take a screenshot of configured permissions before removing them to be able to add them back.

  2. Add the same permissions to the user account.





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