Report for Orders Purchased by Registered and Guest Users


You may want to know how many orders were purchased by users who have registered an account and used the Saved Address feature compared to the orders purchased by users with guest accounts.


Submit a request to Symphony Support, including the date range for which you want to have this report generated.




  1. From Symphony Manage, select the brand of the ticket requester.
  2. Navigate to Fulfillment > Inventory Management.
  3. Copy the Product ID of any variant and remove the P prefix.


  4. Connect to the database and run the following query:
    select * from Product where id = <Variant ID from step 3, excluding P>
  5. Copy the vendor_id value from the query results.
  6. Run the following query to retrieve the number of orders for the brand's vendor id and requested time range:
    SELECT count(distinct, m.type
    FROM Victory v  JOIN VictoryLineItem vli ON = vli.victory_id
    JOIN SPOrder o ON = o.victory_id
    join Member m on
    join Product p on
    WHERE p.vendor_id=< from step 5>
    AND o.created < '2020-04-31 23:59:59%' and o.created > '2020-04-01%'
    AND vli.status='SHIPPED'
    group by m.type
  7. Export the query results and send the data to the requester.






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