Receiving Duplicate Transactional Emails


You may encounter an issue when customers receive duplicate transactional emails (e.g., when placing an order).


Submit a ticket to Symphony Support including the following information:

  • Email addresses of the affected customers
  • Describe for which transaction type duplicate emails are sent (if not for all of them)
  • IDs of the orders for which the duplicate emails were sent.



  1. Reproduce the issue by recreating the scenario described by the ticket requester.
    Ask the customer for assistance or meeting if you cannot reproduce the scenario yourself in the production environment.
  2. Once the issue is reproduced, search for the email address of the account (used during the issue reproduction) in Graylogs and retrieve 'Rendered email for event' records for duplicate emails.
  3. Elevate the issue to the ENG team, including the reproduction steps and records from Graylogs.





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