Orders Missing in Manage


You cannot find certain orders in Manage (under Customer Service > Orders) using their IDs.


Submit a request to Symphony Support to investigate the issue, including the IDs of the affected orders.

Meanwhile, you should be able to access the orders using the following URL; specify your brand name and add an order ID at the end:

https://manage.symphonycommerce.com/<your brand name>/admin/customer/cs/orderdetail/<order ID>



This issue may happen when a lot of orders are created, which causes a lag in ElasticSearch update.

  1. In Postman, run the following POST API call to sync the orders manually, using your Manage credentials for authentication.
    You can run the call for a single order (From and To order IDs will be the same) or for a range of orders (specifying the minimum (From) and max (To) order IDs):
    https://manage.symphonycommerce.com/org/partner/api/v1/search/order?subdomain=$<brand name>&fromId=$<From order ID>&toId=$<To Order ID>


  2. If the orders are still missing after running manual sync or there are a lot of affected orders, elevate the case to the SaaS team for further investigation.


  3. Additionally, if the affected orders are stuck in Pending, you need to push them to the warehouse.



From Symphony Manage, navigate to Customer Service > Orders - you should be able to find the desired orders using their IDs.



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