Updating UPC ID for Variants


You may need to add or change Universal Product Identifiers (UPC) for specific variants, or check that certain UPCs are mapped correctly.

UPCs are also called vendor SKUs and are used to map product variants in Symphony Manage to the same items in the warehouse.


Submit a ticket to Symphony Support, including the product variant IDs and the UPCs that need to be mapped to each variant.




  1. Connect to the database.
    • Run the following query to check if the variants exist and have vendorSKUId assigned:
      select p.id,p.productClusterId,p.created,p.name,p.vendorSKUId,p.globalSku 
      from Product p, WarehouseSkuMapping ws
      where p.stockKeepingUnitId=ws.stockKeepingUnitId
      and p.id in (<Variant IDs>);
    • If the customer provided only UPC values to check for inconsistencies with mapping, you can run the following query to confirm if there are any duplicate records and confirm that vendorSKUIds are the same as warehouseSKUIds for each variant:
      select p.id,p.productClusterId,p.created,p.name,p.vendorSKUId,p.styleNumber,
      p.stockKeepingUnitId,w.poolName, w.onHandQty, ws.warehouseSkuId
      from Product p, WarehousePoolInventory w, WarehouseSkuMapping ws
      where w.stockKeepingUnitId=p.stockKeepingUnitId
      and p.stockKeepingUnitId=ws.stockKeepingUnitId
      and w.poolName='DEFAULT' and p.vendorSKUId in
      (<UPC IDs>) order by p.vendorSKUId,ws.warehouseSkuId;
  2. Elevate the request to the PS team to map UPCs to the correct product variants provided by the brand.
  3. Once the request is complete, run the query you used in step 1 to confirm the changes.



From Symphony Manage, navigate to Fulfillment > Inventory Management and search for the same variants - their quantities should match the warehouse values.




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